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Stuck in Brooklyn! Making lots of crappy hurricane art.

  11/01/12 at 12:19am
  10/24/12 at 10:05pm

Chem Trails

  10/03/12 at 07:58pm

Doon’s Language

  09/25/12 at 11:46pm

The New Tribe

  08/11/12 at 06:21pm

Dead Shirt

  02/13/12 at 08:44pm


Is anyone else out there getting ready to go to Phish’s Superball IX festival this weekend in New York? I’ll see you there! Lookout for me, if things go right, I’ll be selling prints of this watercolor I finished tonight. Split open and melt!

  06/28/11 at 10:12pm

My Daughter

  06/10/11 at 03:29pm

Neon NativeĀ 

  06/05/11 at 10:29pm

Flowers of Wonderland

  05/12/11 at 09:10pm

New Art Each Day

  04/20/11 at 08:30pm

First Steps
New Art Each Day

  04/20/11 at 11:08am